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Online Safety Learning game for 7+!

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Learn the basics of Cyber Safety through an engaging story!

Finn Goes online is a point and click adventure game which teaches children the basics of Cyber safety.

Data Privacy

Understanding what is personal and private information. Preventing unwanted sharing of personal information.

Cyber Bullying

Understanding Cyberbullying. How to Confront and Report them.


Understanding why we need to choose secure passwords and how to create one.

Child Protection

Understanding and reporting Online Abuse.


Schutz von privaten Informationen, Fotos und sensiblen Daten.


Umgang mit Cybermobbing und wie man Mobber konfrontiert und meldet.


Sichere Passwörter wählen und den unbefugten Zugang zu Online-Konten und Geräten verhindern.


Wie man Internetmissbrauch versteht und verhindert.

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